Welcome to the Blog
This blog is for all the poor schmucks that come after me in pursuit of Linux. They needn’t stumble through the same minefield I had to deal with starting out.

The Early Years
I started in Technology with a Mac in 1995; to a lot of people this means “turn-off-head, keep-simple”. Not so in this case. I scanned architectural transparencies from a $80k drum scanner, modified images in Photoshop, and output the images to film on an Agfa Alto; the same Alto used at Pixar. I have to admit, it gave me a halfy[3]. I fell in love with the way it all worked, from reading about the transistors to routing between networks. In 1998 I began working with windows. I formalized this by pursuing a Windows MCSE Certification. I’ve worked with both Mac and Windows since, studying Networking in my spare time throughout. But, more and more, it became unsatisfying to my need to “futz” with the nuts and bolts of it all.

Enter *nix (Unix/Linux/POSIX)
In 2008 I found the platform, while daunting at first, is endlessly futz-worthy: Linux. You can install a state-of-the-art OS on a laptop that windows users would normally have to throw away – works fantastic. Then, you can also use programs hardened over the last 20 years. If the program doesn’t do what you want / like / require, you are free to get the source code, modify it, recompile, and use YOUR version of the program in question. The *nix platform is ultimately futz-able, fantastic!

Administrative Woes
The learning curve is great, but there is help along the way. Ultimately though, you have to learn to fish on your own. I’ve picked-up some great knowledge along the way. And, now that I have a friend beginning on this path, I realized I didn’t write down any of my rookie stumblings. So, as I’m helping my friend, I will be leaving those bread crumbs here, for his benefit, mineĀ and yours. Linux is fun as long as you keep frustration to a minimum. Besides, there’s no sense in learning anything twice. I hope this removes some early stumbling blocks for the new and the curious.

This blog is my semi-useless gift to you, my beginner brothers and sisters.

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